Meet the Team


founder and creative director

Neil Helsper

One of my first memories is going to story time at the library when I was three or four years old. I remember listening to a story and literally feeling chills because the words sounded so good. It’s when I first learned that words have power, and that maybe I could learn how to harness that power.

I’ve been lucky to work on some big brands in my career, like Disney, Google, Coca-Cola and Starbucks. Every experience taught me something. But they also showed me that brands are seeing diminishing returns from doing marketing the safe, “normal” way. Being too safe is boring, and most consumers are bored to tears right now with the advertising they see.

Marketing and politics are the two things I’m always ready to talk about.

My go-to drink at home is any 100% agave tequila, mixed with fresh lime juice and a dash of mango lemonade. Then you shave a bunch of ice over it with a child’s snow cone maker and you have an instant frozen margarita. It’s ridiculous and perfect.

I’ve been obsessed with ancient history for the last few years. First, it’s fascinating to me that people haven’t changed. We still struggle with the same problems and flaws. But what most intrigues me is the idea that what we do (or don’t do) right now might be remembered thousands of years from now. When you think about it that way, you get a great sense of moral clarity on how you should spend your time.



account director

Caili Helsper

As Account Director, my job is to help clients achieve their goals. But that doesn’t mean saying “yes” to everything, at least right away. Our job is to help you think differently, and sometimes that means challenging your assumptions.

The key to making Bobby Flay uncomfortable is to ask too many questions. I met him at a corporate retreat when I worked at HGTV, but he didn’t want to talk about his shows. Guy Fieri was fine.

As Account Director at Volcano, Caili oversees all project development and works closely with clients to achieve their goals. She started her career at Turner Broadcasting and then HGTV, where she collaborated with advertisers, developed strategic plans and once made Bobby Flay uncomfortable by asking too many questions at a corporate retreat. In addition to her work at Volcano, Caili is also a professional photographer whose work has been featured in The Knot, Brides Magazine and Chicago Social.




Activities & Affiliations

• ABCD Bar Association, Member
• Constitutional Conservation, Member